• David Syre

  • David Syre is an American artist whose large-scale acrylic paintings, drawings, sculptures, and art installations are inspired by travel, his subconscious mind, and nature. Syre is self-taught, creates artwork at an accelerated pace and embraces bold lines and brave colors. Archetypal symbols and numbers often appear as images alongside words referencing the moment of creation. He is an artist whose world-view is informed by personal transformation.

    Syre´s work is witness to his evolving psyche and internal dialogue. It is spontaneous and manifests as an intuitive offering. The search for spirituality has marked his artistic research and life’s journey. Syre has studied yoga for twenty years, is an active member of the Burning Man community, and is devoted to forging a path towards a universal union and truth.  Syre is a prolific artist. His working methods are almost ritualistic. He creates many pieces every day on an endless array of subjects – always exploring new topics and always perfecting his craft.

    Syre is currently working on several interdisciplinary projects including several large-scale sculptures and installations including The Peace Trail, a trail he is constructing in Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost extreme of the South American Continent which is meant to offer a spiritual journey through the experience of nature and art.

    David Syre's permanent exhibition is at:

    Gallery Syre 
    465 West Stuart Road
    Bellingham WA 98226

    For appointments and more information, please contact: info@davidsyreart.com / 360-746-8745.

    David Syre has exhibited internationally including:


    PINTA Art Fair (online, upcoming)
    David Syre: Envisioning A Better Future, Gallery Syre, Bellingham, WA 
    Marmot Art Space, Spokane, WA

    David Syre: New Works, Gallery Syre, Bellingham, WA
    Permanent Exhibition, Gallery Syre, Bellingham, WA
    David Syre: Drawings and Paintings, Salon Restaurant & Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark
    David Syre: Drawings and Paintings,  Copenhagen Design House and Art Gallery Copenhagen,  Copenhagen, Denmark
    Nooksack HarvestWerkkunst Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
    David Syre: Roots and Wings, Gallery Syre, Bellingham, WA

    Mapas del alma: Un viaje interior, Fundación Mundo Nuevo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Soul Maps: The Journey Evolves, Ellsworth Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
    Soul Maps: An Artist on the Move, Gallery Vendome, Nice, France


    Juried Fall Exhibition, Jansen Art Center, Lynden, WA
    Precisely Abstract, Allied Arts, Bellingham, WA
    Juried Spring Exhibition, Jansen Art Center, Lynden, WA

    The Next Generation, Pulse Art Fair, Art Base, Miami, FL
    A Closer Nirvana, The Yard, New York,NY


    Public Mural Installation, Nugents Corner Market, Everson, WA