• The Peace Trail

      The Peace Trail is a major land art project in Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost extreme of the South American Continent. It is here where David Syre is developing an intimate relationship with his inner journey. It comprises a path that will connect the two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific. It will be open to the public, who will have the opportunity to stay overnight. The Peace Trail is meant to be a message and an offering of peace to the land and its indigenous people. It will encourage travelers to undertake a spiritual journey of contemplation and meditation, to find and elevate their spirit and soul and to experience deep transformation.

      The trail will host sculptures and site-specific interventions by Syre. A culminating aspect of the trail will be the monumental We Are One sculpture, David Syre’s largest project to-date: a symbol of peace and union of people from all parts of the world beyond any religion, race or political ideology.